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1. Terms of use

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3. Changes and updates

We all know technology is a wonderful thing, but from time to time it can let us down. gcsportsbetting.com cannot be held responsible for any tips you may miss by your computer failing to load. We will always strive to ensure all website and social media content is up to date and correct, however, errors can occur. After all we are only human! You may come across the odd technical error, typo, incorrect image/logo and we appreciate your understanding with this. Actually, we ask that if you notice any of the above that you please make us aware so we can correct this as soon as possible. As I’m sure you know the betting industry is fast paced and getting those new tips to you is our number one priority, this could cause some content to become out of date or even incomplete when working against the clock, so again please let us know if you notice something we need to sort out!

4. Right to modifications

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